Meluch Memories - a Travel Blog

Welcome friends! I'm adding a travel portion to my blog to our family travels! What business do I have being a travel blogger? Honestly, I don't. But we do love to travel, we have 3 young kids, and honestly, we've gotten pretty good at it. Like parenting there are no right or wrong ways to travel with your kids. It's all trial and error and learning as you go while hoping the way you choose to do it doesn't require too much therapy for your kids when they are older (jokes... kind of).

Here I'll be writing about what has worked, or hasn't, for us during our travels. Take what you want and leave what you don't, but my hope here is that you realize travel with your kids is possible AND it IS enjoyable.

Let me start with our philosophy on travel: do it. Just because you have children does not mean your life of travel and wonder stops. Take them with you. Our goal is to show our kids the world. By traveling (no matter how far away) and truly immersing them into different cultures teaches them more about culture, languages, inclusiveness than anything else could.

We started traveling with kids when our oldest was 2 months old. She is now 6 and has two younger siblings!

One of my favorite things I started for our kids are little booklets documenting their travels. Each year I write the date and location of where we have gone - nothing else. Just a simple list. My hope is that when they move out one day and they take their keepsake boxes and see this little book of all of our adventures it's a cool token to look back on. We don't always remember all of our trips and this helps.

Throughout this blog I will talk about what we pack, what packing supplies we use (with links), what has worked for us and what doesn't. Again, my hope is that this space helps you in your travels for your family! I don't buy the latest, greatest gadgets from Amazon influencers (well, sometimes I do* more on that later), but I like to pack with what we have. Bring the least amount of stuff and VERY organized and I'll show you how to do that!

So buckle up, look for the nearest exit signs and get ready for a wild ride with my family on our travels!!