Safety while traveling with kids

Travel safely is huge for me. You're out of your element, in unknown places, sometimes unable to communicate in the native language, and you want to make sure you and your family feel safe.

Here are some of the things we do to help us achieve that. Might I add that in all of the places we have been both in the US and abroad we have never felt unsafe thanks do doing these things.


First off - I don't travel with expensive jewelry. This includes my ring - I either replace it with a silicone ring (so comfy) or if I still want a little bit of bling, I wear this ring I found on Etsy.


I use a crossbody bag for the important stuff (Passports, money, additional important paperwork we may need).

These are two that I really like! I take a picture of each of the kids passports and keep them in a locked Note on my phone. We split up our cash between us and the safe at the hotel.

This bag is really nice because it doesn't yell "Hey, I'm a tourist!"

It fits the necessities, but doesn't have much room for anything else.

This bag is great when you need to carry more things. I can easily make this a travel diaper bag. It fits all the necessities, snacks, diapers and wipes with room to spare.


We use air tags for everything! We put them inside our suitcases, backpacks, stroller, and pack n' play. We also attach them to our kids shoes.

*Don't come at me with privacy stuff, this is a personal thing and if you don't want to do this for your kids you don't have to. *

There are lots of different attachments for air tags. Some attach to kids shoelaces... see below and have cute characters for them. I found them too big and bulky for my kids shoes especially toddler shoes. So, we use regular key rings and attach them to a silicone holder. Yes, it flops around as they walk, it's never bother them. The key rings make it really hard to get off so when they take their shoes on and off your kiddo/toddler won't be able to lose the air tag.

I've also heard a lot of people who cut and sew them into the sides of the shoes. I don't do this because for starters I can't sew, but two they were different shoes and I don't want them stuck with only one pair because that's the pair that has the air tag.

We started this when we went to Disney and have done it ever since. Big cities, national parks etc. While we were at Disney and a family member took one of the kids to another ride, I would get alerted when they got a certain distance away and it would show me exactly where they were. For ME this gave my Mom heart a huge relief. No, I don't intend for my kids to ever get lost or go missing, but things do happen.

I get airtags in bulk through Amazon - keep an eye out they go on lighting deals!

Durable air tag holders

These are the tags that I felt were too big on my kids' shoes, but if you're kiddo is older/larger shoes I think they would work well.

Have them memorize your Number

Have your kids know your and your spouse's real names and phone numbers. Yes, I'm Mom, but a police officer or stranger can't help look for "Mom". I made a song out of my phone number - it's just the numbers, but said in a little jingle and my kids love it! It makes it fun for them and easy to remember.

For some kiddos that are too young to remember the jingle I also have used these in the past. They are great quality, don't rub off easily and are an extra level of protection for your kids.

Take a Picture EVery Day

I try to have my kids matching as much as possible when we are on vacation that way when we are in a large crowd I don't have to remember who is wearing what and what color shirt I'm looking for, but rather the same outfit.

I've seen other parents use neon shirts this same way.

I also start our day with a picture of the kids together. That way you have the most updated picture of your child(ren) as well as what they are wearing that day.


While we travel whether we are staying at a hotel or an air b n'b, we put a suitcase in front of the main door.

We also travel with a Door Monkey. It's this awesome contraption that keeps a door open about an inch so kids can't smash their fingers. You can move it up high enough on the door so they cannot get out of the room.